Rear mounted EFFER 525 6S

Hiab stories | 8 july 2020 6:09 AM

Another build-up created by SAWO in Haderslev, this one with an EFFER 525 6S crane mounted. 

The EFFER crane is rear mounted on a Scania R 650 chassis with 4 axles, 8X4 and V8 engine.

The mounted 525 6S crane can with its six hydraulic extensions, reach 16.85 meters and has continuous slewing. It comes with a Scanreco radio control with eight functions and Danfoss valve table with seven functions. The stabiliser beams are hydraulically extracted and operated via the crane's radio control.

In front of the crane, SAWO has mounted a heavy steel container, for use in transporting good like concrete tiles. The container has 1,000 mm high 3-part aluminum sides with K20 Kinnegrip drop pillars.

The structure is delivered to Vindelsbæk Transport A / S. The company works with a variety of different jobs, including tankers, general cargo and heavy goods, for example for the wind turbine industry.

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