Hiab supporting the fight against COVID-19 the R&D way

Hiab stories | 8 july 2020 6:24 AM

Hiab is supporting the local hospital in Hudiksvall by printing protective visors and creating a new adaptor for emergency ventilator masks.

“We are all affected in some way by COVID-19, and many of us are thinking about how to contribute in this crisis. We got the opportunity to support our local hospital in Hudiksvall, and of course we wanted to help,” says Charlotte Sellen, Manager Structural Calculations.

In Hudiksvall, Sweden, there could be a shortage of less complex non-invasive breathing aids called continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) when the COVID-19 outbreak peaks locally.

An Italian company, Issinova, together with medical doctors have developed an emergency ventilator CPAP mask by adjusting a snorkeling mask available from the French sporting goods giant Decathlon. Hospitals can buy these masks, however the oxygen hoses used by the hospital in Hudiksvall do not fit the mask without an adapter. 

However, the Italian company offers printable 3D adapter models online so buyers can create their own. This is how Hiab became involved. Though there were templates of the adapter available, Johannes Svensk, Development Engineer, R&D had to spend many hours to make them printable. Hiab has created two prototype adapters (yellow components in the pictures) that can connect the mask to oxygen hoses and reservoirs. Right now the two models are evaluated by the hospital. 

While Hiab’s 3D printers wait for the go-ahead to produce adapters, they are printing protective visors for hospital staff. The lack of protective gear for medical staff is a huge issue in Sweden as in many other countries. Set up by Johan Åkerlund, R&D Manager, Hiab’s 3D printers are printing the much needed personal protective equipment for local hospital staff.

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