Hiab Finland delivers loader crane and hooklift installed on electric hybrid truck

Hiab stories | 19 june 2023 10:06 AM

Hiab Finland has recently handed over a hybrid electric truck with HIAB X-HIPRO 232 E6 and MULTILIFT Ultima21Z hooklift installed. The customer is Lassila & Tikanoja (LT) a service company that is putting the circular economy into practice.

Operating in Finland and Sweden, L&T’s business operations are divided into four divisions: including environmental and industrial services, as well as facility services, to help companies and society grab the opportunities offered by the circular economy.

Now they have a new more sustainable load handling solution to help build a better tomorrow. The hybrid electric Scania P360 can run emission-free and power the load handling equipment, while still retaining the extended range possible when running on diesel. 

Installed on it is the ‘top of the line’ medium segment loader crane HIAB X-HIPRO 232 with six hydraulic extensions providing a max extension of 17.3 metres. The loader crane is operated by Hiab’s most advanced remote control system HiPro with the highest speed, precision and safety. 

The MULTILIFT Ultima 21Z hooklift  boasts a range of performance and safety feature aimed at the waste and recycling industry. Its hydraulic system provides fast and smooth operation, allowing for quick and efficient loading and unloading of containers. The Ultima 21Z also features a low-profile subframe that provides a low centre of gravity, improving stability and manoeuvrability.

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