CONSTSYSTEM delivers new rescue vehicle to Czech Fire Brigade

Hiab stories | 25 january 2022 14:36 PM

Hiab’s Czech dealer CONTSYSTEM has just supplied a new rescue vehicle to the Czech firefighters in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

On a Tatra T815/7 6x6 truck, CONTSYSTEM has installed a HIAB 2222 ATF loader crane that is also used by defence forces. This crane is specially developed for recovery vehicles, with a maximum lifting capacity of 205 kNm. 

The height of the folded crane in the transport position is 1,408 mm. When extended to 2.9 metres the crane can lift 6,600 kg while it with a maximum extension of 7 metres it lifts loads weighing 2,860 kg. The weight of the crane, including stabilisers with a span of 5.8 m, is 3,050 kg.

The crane can be controlled by a radio remote control, cable control or with the levers on the control valve. It is equipped with efficiency and safety feature functions such as VSL (Variable Stability Logic) to monitor the position of and pressure of the stabilisers, ADC (Automatic Duty Control) making it possible to lift 10% more than the listed capacity, OLP (overload protection) and it can automatically switch off SPACE and XS Drive when the crane is idle.

CONTSYSTEM has delivered several vehicles with HIAB and MULTILIFT equipment to the  Fire Brigade in the Czech Republic in recent years. Here are two: quality construction fire & rescue vehicles equipped with HIAB and MULTILIFT and a rescue vehicle fitted with HIAB X-Hipro 418 EP-5 for czech fire brigade


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