Hiab stories | 7 july 2020 9:38 AM

For a Dutch customer, we have delivered the fourth vehicle out of a series of five from the Hiab Factory Installation Center in Meppel, The Netherlands. After delivering three 60 ton meter short boom cranes, we have now delivered a 63tm crane with fly-jib. 

The pictured Volvo FH500 is fitted with the Hiab FrameWorks 600 series subframe the HIAB X-HiPro 638 E-6 jib 150X-6 and the A 2 tonnes winch. The front stabiliser leg and Hiab 2.300 mm auxiliary stabiliser set are used to give the crane his maximum performance.

The BodyWorks flatbed body on this unit, is the perfect solution for container handling and construction materials. A few options in the body are the extendable container locks which perfectly match with 3m wide containers and the stanchion rows can be for construction materials. Underneath the side raves, stainless steel storage possibilities are added to store all the needed lifting equipment, stanchions, container locks and ladder.

Some of the toolboxes are provided with a shelf and one toolbox has two drawers. Furthermore, the working lights sets give the crane operator everything he needs to work during the evenings and nights. 

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