Material Handler Attachments

HIAB material handler loader attachments complement the machine to meet your specific operation needs. HIAB material handler attachments are developed specifically for our equipment and specific applications and are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring premium operation characteristics and the durability that our customers have come to expect.

HIAB Attachments Add Flexibility to Your Business

  • With numerous attachment options available, your HIAB material handling loader will reach its maximum efficiency, safety, and performance in any industry.
  • Attachments offered by Hiab USA are built with premium engineering and are designed to ensure optimum longevity and service life of your equipment.

HIAB Material Handling Loader Attachments

Forestry Grapple

Forestry Grapples

Handle timber securely and efficiently with our robust range of bypass grapples.

Railroad and Utility Grapples

Railroad & Utility Grapples

Handle railroad ties, rails, and materials with our regulation, compliant, industry preferred series of utility grapples.

Waste Storm and Recycling Grapples

Waste, Storm, & Recycling Grapples

Choose from our wide range of proven, durable, high capacity waste and storm grapples.

clamshell bucket

Clam Shell Buckets

Whether handling soil, aggregates, site waste, or other materials, our series of clam shell buckets will increase productivity and efficiency.



Our magnets are reliable and durable for the task. You won’t get unstuck!



A fast, precise, and reliable rotator is a must when loading materials, especially under the heavy duty working conditions a material handler is subjected to.

Specialty Attachments

Augers, Grabs, Manipulators & Couplers. HIAB has the Attachments You Need.

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The best fit for you

By choosing an original or certified attachment, you are getting the best fit for your HIAB material handling loader. A safe and certified accessory that has been specifically designed for the purpose it was intended for.

  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • Designed to deliver functionality and performance