S-Boom Material Handler Crane

Safety, Reliability and Performance

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S-Boom Loader

HIAB Straight Boom Crane

The Straight Boom crane delivers what the US market expects, and more, with a focus on safety, reliability, and performance. The column design combines a lighter weight, but the performance is distinctly heavyweight, with large lifting capacities and thrives on intense load cycles.

The Straight Boom Crane is the most popular material handler crane on the market - and not without reason: it combines power, speed, and efficiency in just the right proportions. Offering many telescoping models to effortlessly reach material from further away. Utilizing a rack and pinion slewing system, creating the highest slewing torque, with smooth operation in the industry, allowing placement of material exactly where it’s needed.

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Straight Boom Crane (S-Boom Material Handlers) Models


7200 lbs at 10 ft Capacity, Stationary mount/Loose Hydraulic Control, Max Reach 24’1”-30’10”, Weight 3420-3740 lbs (without stabilizers)

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7300 lbs at 10 ft Capacity, Remote Control/Stand Platform, Max Reach 23’3”-29’2”, Weight 4450-4850 lbs (including stabilizers)

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7300 lbs at 10 ft Capacity, Manual Hydraulic Control/Stand Platform, Max Reach 23’3”-29’2”, Weight 4370-4780 lbs (including stabilizers)

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9300 lbs at 10 ft Capacity, Top Seat Side Mounted, Max Reach 25’11”-31’5”, Weight 4810-5120 lbs (including stabilizers)

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15950 lbs at 10 ft Capacity, Top Seat Side Mounted, Max Reach 24’1”-30’10”, Weight 6440-7210 lbs (including stabilizers)

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Straight Boom Crane Features

Operator Safety and Comfort

Hiab Loaders top seat area has been designed with operator safety in mind. The operator area is surrounded with safety rails, and the premium top seat is comfortable, ergonomic, and easy to access. The seat has wide range of adjustments, allowing it to be adjusted to the ideal working position. All standard operations are at arm's reach from the top seat, offering easy access to the stabilizer controls, truck start/stop, e-stop, and work light controls.

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S-Boom Material Handler Attachments

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Industry Challenges


Hiab brings a longer service life to the material handling market. They are designed and constructed to thrive on high-intensity, heavy-duty work year after year. Day-to-day productivity is secured by Hiab’s industry-leading nationwide service network and exceptional 2 years’ full warranty plus 3 years’ structural component warranty program.

2-Year Industry Leading Warranties

Hiab Material Handlers are built to perform, with strong materials and a quality of workmanship no other supplier can match. And because we build them with care, we stand behind them with confidence. Today all Hiab Material Handlers come with a two-year standard warranty that applies to all components.

Warranty Statement Summary

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Spec Sheets

J14S - Loader Tech Data

J24S - Loader Tech Data

J1000 - Loader Tech Data

J1200 - Loader Tech Data

L96S - Loader Tech Data


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