WALTCO ZS Mk2 Series

The heavy duty slider lift for trucks and trailers with a lifting capacity of 3,300 and 4,400 lbs.
A robust slider liftgate with an aluminum platform that provides a large working area to handle loads even on uneven terrain. The liftgate stores completely under the body to allow full access when not in use and does not add to the overall length of the vehicle.

High strength steel used in the lifting mechanism makes this lift sturdy and durable and the efficient hydraulic system makes the operation fast, regardless of weather conditions.

- Reliable performance, easy to operate and very simple to maintain.
- Control unit with enhanced user interface and LED lights to guide the operator.
- Cart stops as standard help keep loads sturdy and drivers safe.
- Width-adjustable mounting brackets and a pre-installed power pack makes the lift easy to install.
1. ZS 331. ZS 442. ZS 332. ZS 44

Introducing the WALTCO ZS 33/44 Mk2