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HIAB ePTO - An Environmentally Smart Material Handling Solution

A new vehicle solution has seen the light of day. It is a loading vehicle uses an electro-hydraulic system, or ePTO, installed alongside the traditional engine-driven system. This enables the crane operator to work with the engine switched off – quietly and free from exhaust fumes. Using electric power instead of conventional diesel power offers improved energy efficiency, lower noise levels and less environmental impact, while also making it possible to work indoors. For example, the energy required to operate the crane is 60–70 percent less than for a conventional crane. It also provides a much healthier working environment for the person operating the crane, since the operator does not have to work amid the noise and exhaust fumes of an idling engine. 


Introducing the new MOFFETT E5 50.3P NX - the first all-electric, double-reach truck mounted forklift. View the video to learn which advantages an ePowered truck mounted forklift offers that will take your deliveries to the next level.

MOFFETT E-Series NX - A Sustainable Alternative

MOFFETT E-SERIES NX - A quiet and sustainable alternative to diesel engines. A MOFFETT eSeries truck mounted forklift offers an extremely efficient way to load, unload and move material in a sustainable way and with minimum noise. Because it’s an all-electric forklift, it’s perfect for use in Low Emission Zones and places where noise is a concern – like residential areas, and when it’s late at night.

HIAB Loader Cranes - Reaching New Limits

Whether residential or commercial roofing, a HIAB crane is the most practical, adaptable, flexible, and cost effective tool for today’s roofing supplies market. Operators across North America have acclaimed HIAB HiPro cranes as the best cranes to handle the delivery of roofing materials.

Designed to have unparalleled speed and accuracy, these cranes provide a vital and decisive edge in a highly competitive market. With a HIAB crane, shingles, isoboard, tar paper, commercial rolled roofing, steel decking, pea gravel, and other materials can be positioned precisely to various points on the roof or on the ground, even over parapet walls on flat roofed buildings and over ridges. With the versatility to place a load wherever it’s needed, HIAB cranes minimize the need for movement by hand, offering a big advantage for this industry.

MOFFETT Has You Covered

As the market leader in truck mounted forklifts for over 40 years, Hiab continually invests in industry research and product development with a philosophy of “machines for applications.” The MOFFETT truck mounted  forklift has long been the equipment of choice in roofing materials distribution. Traditionally, the MOFFETT has been used for ground drop deliveries of products such as shingles and insulation materials. As the industry expands to include a diverse range of exterior building products, the MOFFETT is being used to deliver everything from composite deck materials and skylights to boxed siding products which require curtain side trucks or trailers for protection during transport. Additionally, with the emergence of metal products for both commercial and industrial building sectors, the MOFFETT 4-Way has the ability to carry long-length metal products and deliver them exactly where needed.

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