An Environmentally Smart Material Handling Solution

A new vehicle solution has seen the light of day

It is an articulated crane that uses an electro-hydraulic system, or ePTO, installed alongside the traditional engine-driven system. This enables the crane operator to work with the engine switched off – quietly and free from exhaust fumes. Using electric power instead of conventional diesel power offers improved energy efficiency, lower noise levels, and less environmental impact.

How It Works

The electric power take off (ePTO) system comprises a battery, an electric motor, a hydraulic pump, and a smart electronic control system. This is all packaged in a stainless steel box that is mounted on the truck chassis. A display mounted on the crane provides information about the current status of the ePTO battery and motor.

Benefits with ePTO

  • No exhaust fumes (carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides or particulates)
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower noise level
  • Equal lifting capacity to a conventional crane

ePTO Videos