Keep delivery promises and deliver more, faster and safer, for both driver and cargo. In collaboration with Morgan Truck Body, the WALTCO FM Series is changing the industry with this All in One solution.

The ultimate final mile solution.

With the liftgate integrated into the truck body as the rear door, you get the benefit of having a liftgate without the added weight. The large platform complete with safety rails and cart stops, give your driver the comfort and ergonomics they are looking for while completing a long day of deliveries.


Faster delivery

The FM Series is a full-closure liftgate functioning as a combined rear door and liftgate. It safely handles up to 1,600 pounds of cargo as soon as you open up the back of your truck by lowering the liftgate - no wasted delivery time.


Lighter weight

The WALTCO FM Series integrated rear door and liftgate saves weight.

Fuel consumption is cut by up to 2.5% since it weighs 500 pounds less, which reduces the carbon footprint.


Safer fleets

Using a liftgate means safe operation for both cargo and delivery drivers.

Ergonomic operation minimizes workplace accidents and boosts driver satisfaction.

Operator video

The FM Series is unlike any liftgate in the US market. Integrated into the body as the rear frame, door, and liftgate, to become an All in One solution.

The operation of the complete solution is explained in a simple manner in this video.

For additional ease of use, a link to this video is on the liftgate itself via a QR code.