Industry and segment applications

 Forestry covered

LOGLIFT understands forestry. The weather conditions, rugged environment, solitary working, and need for optimum productivity. From the forests of Sweden to the mountains of Japan, LOGLIFT cranes help people work harder.

Starts with your business

Configuring a crane according to your unique circumstances can determine the success of your business. LOGLIFT has solutions to manage cut-to-length, full-length stems or a combination of both, that will always stand up to the task of demanding forestry work. If capacity is important an S-boom offers the best solution with a straight and partially folded arm. When maximum load is the goal, the Z-boom gives ultimate payload without compromising on space.

Height and weight matters

Knowing how and where your crane will be used will define the style and size you need. LOGLIFT forestry cranes cover the most common lifting needs with a range from six to 26.5 tonnes-metres capacity. But we don’t stop, special application cranes can cover even the most extreme jobs. S-booms can cater to even the most extreme jobs with an extension of up to to 12 metres. Configure a crane with the right maximum hydraulic reach to handle any job you might take on.


Grab with the right grapple

A crane is only as good as the accessories that enable the lifting and loading of loads. The right type and size grapple can dramatically influence efficiency and productivity over the course of a day, week or month. From small and compact, to large and industry, make sure your business has a specialised timber grapple for any forestry need.


Smart tools for smart business

Specialised accessories and features add to productivity, but more importantly, improve safety. While a weighing system can boost profitability by helping to load the highest payload, it also prevents overloading and potential damage and accidents. Smart solutions make forestry work easier, more comfortable, smarter and efficient.