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Forestry lifting without compromising

When you work in the forest, Mother Nature is your best friend, and your foe. A LOGLIFT forestry crane is designed to withstand the toughest conditions, combining tough construction with smart solutions that give a competitive edge in productivity and reliability. Industry revolutionising technology offers unrivalled safety levels that also elevate payload and efficiency. Quality equipment and digital solutions are guaranteed and backed up by Hiab's global service network that keeps your equipment working at peak performance day in, day out.
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With a LOGLIFT forestry crane, you can take your timber moving business to the next level. Each forestry crane can be designed to meet specific working conditions, from weighing systems to grapples, giving the ultimate kit that makes light work of heavy harvesting and delicate energy forestry. Today's global forestry industry demands more, just to remain competitive today’s operators need to produce ten times the volume needed 25 years ago. To achieve this, the equipment must be able to meet increasingly tough business demands.

Hit new heights

For ultimate stretching power, a straight, partially folded S-boom crane is the top choice offering up to 12 metres in full height capacity. If flexibility is more important, Z-boom cranes fold compactly and can be driven away without removing the grapple. Choice of maximum hydraulic reach will create a crane designed for the loads you need to handle.

Safety first

Digital safety features offer peace of mind for the operator and minimise damage or risk to the working environment. A weighing system can ensure the load is the highest possible without overloading while operating features make lifting smoother and more precise limiting risk of damage to equipment or loads.

Push up profitability

Minimised downtime and increased delivery speed contribute to a positive bottom line and continued business growth. Range from six to 26.5 tonne-metres in capacity will cover most business needs from working with cut-to-length timber or full-length stems, or a combination of both. Add a timber grapple that is small and compact, large or industrial sized to always fit the right load.


Make every working day seamless with Hiab forestry cranes that incorporate innovative design and technology with robust build. Precision accuracy and safety systems increase uptime, minimise damages to the equipment, and reduce risk liability - lift after lift.


A forestry crane for every job

Shifting industry needs have driven rapid design and operating changes that have improved overall reliability and productivity.  LOGLIFT forestry cranes can tackle any conditions and loads in forest harvesting and timber transport. All design and construction elements have the working environment in mind.


Full-length precision

Lifting and transporting full-length timber requires sturdy and reliable equipment that can also maximise payload to make each job as productive and efficient as possible.


Move more cut-to-length timber to the pulp, paper or saw mill with ease with equipment that is designed specifically for the job. Handle delicate forestry with ease in any condition, at any time of the year.

Making forestry smoother

Seamless lifting and loading for the toughest forestry jobs, even in the harshest conditions.


A Hiab is not just a piece of equipment, it is a crucial business partner - an investment in your future, with the latest technology onboard, to control your fleet, optimise workload and uptime. Always with safety as a priority. All covered by Hiab’s exceptional global service network.

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Service and parts that go the extra mile

Keep your investment operating at optimum levels with original spare parts that fit seamlessly into your crane. Plan and schedule service and maintenance to reduce the risk of unforeseen problems slowing down your business productivity.

Original parts and service

Retain your investment’s value, performance and safety by only using Hiab original spare parts fitted by an expert in our global service network. Original parts are a perfect fit for your investment and keep your forestry crane running at an optimum level with minimum downtime, reducing the total cost of ownership over time.

ProCare for LOGLIFT

Protect your investment with ProCare for LOGLIFT. Choose the coverage level that suits your business needs for total peace of mind. Be assured that original spare parts will always be used and fitted by an expert technician from our global service network.

HiVision leads the way

HiVisionTM is the industry leading innovative digitalisation solution that provides individual operators with vision to safely carry out any job without having to leave the cabin. Take your business into the future with HiVisionTM and build a smarter, digitalised workforce for tomorrow.


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