Railway, marine and specialty sectors

Loader cranes are key to supporting the most demanding and specialized business and industry sectors, designed in accordance to the tightest specifications and to customer needs. HIAB is a full solutions providor, capable of proposing technical solutions to fit the most diverse types of requests, creating a relationship that is managed through a professional project based process.

Defence solutions: A relationship of trust

Hiab group complies with stringent legislation and is internally driven by a code of conduct that is at the base of a trustworthy relationship. Hiab respects and understand the delicacy of the relationship and guarantees the most confidential approach and commitment.

A complete service for the best defence solution

It is our commitment to offering a complete defence application system that is supported over a long and significant period of time with the availability of parts and know-how in combination with the needed documentation. Hiab provides the necessary support to enable customers to participate in bids and tenders, facilitating the complex and tedious process.

Products made to perform

Tough terrain, extreme weather, and the most challenging environmental conditions are what our products are made to withstand. The robustness and reliability of Hiab equipment are the way we keep our promise to your vital and delicate usage needs and requirements. Testing procedures and the sourcing of the best quality components used are key to delivering all-around performance.

A complete range of equipment

Hiab group offers a complete range of equipment that serves the defence industry, ranging from loader crane variants, to skip loaders and truck mounted forklifts that guarantee flexible delivery opportunities:


Hiab's high quality cranes for several types of marine applications are covered by a global service network that allows you to have the best and prompt response wherever your ship fleet is stationed around the globe.


Supporting the envirnmental challenge: solutions for the wind turbine sector

HIAB is the ideal partner for creating the loader crane model solution you need for the evolving and growing turbine and wind power application sector. The key is the relationship that builds on customer specifications, resulting in reliable and unique products.
You can count on being able to deploy the equipment across different world areas as the Hiab Service network has you covered globally.

For further information please get in touch at: windpower@hiab.com

Railway applications

Railway loader crane solutions are made directly for you, based on customer needs and specifications that take into account lifting capacities and end-use applications What matters the most is keeping the equipment functional all the time with our global Hiab Service network.

For further information please get in touch at: railway@hiab.com



With the HIAB RAIL range of loader crane solutions, our company provides a wide range of products that have been specifically designed for railway network applications. These cranes are based on regular cranes that have been equipped with the railway specific electronic features. The system delivers the highest level of safety during work in a railway environment. With the powerline logic the operator is able to work under power lines without the risk of electrocution. The slewing sector limiter creates a safe working area to protect adjacent tracks.

Our offer covers a wide range of lifting capacity needs, from the smaller variants all the way up to the super heavy models for the most demanding requirements.

Track maintenance

The smaller capacity models are a great example of products that suit the track maintenance application with equipment suited for allround uses, flexible for a wide variety of tasks.

Our cranes are managed by state of the art control systems that assist the operators to do the job in a safe and highly efficient way. 

  • Track repair
  • Mowing
  • Utility
  • Grab
  • Ties replacement
  • Material delivery


With our extensive offer of high performance lifting crane models, there is always the right one for emergency and recovery operations to be used along the railway infrastructure network. Ensure performance and precision for those delicate moments.

Mining support equipment

HIAB loader cranes developed for the mining sector are specially fitted with extra protection devices and are adapted to working in certain level hazardous environments. The height of key models have equally been adapted to fit into tighter space and galleries.