Recycling crane accessories

Turn your recycling crane into the ultimate working tool with Hiab accessories. Add flexibility to your business with accessories that can easily handle different recyclable materials, working environments and industry demands.

Total flexibility to take on any job

The right accessories increase the range of industries and applications your recycling crane can cover. Increase flexibility to meet demand in a variety of sectors, or specialise in a particular use for your fleet.

Find what you need

Clamshell Buckets

Bucket solutions vary from narrow width digging buckets – suitable when deploying cables, through midsize open buckets suitable for lifting branches as well as digging, and all the way up to large volume scooping buckets, perfect when it comes to shifting large amounts of material.


A range of open and closed grapple shells that can be connected using a variety of methods. Get total flexibility with the HPXdrive system that allows you to easily replace the shell during a job so you can move between several jobs quickly and efficiently.

Pallet forks

Take advantage of the flexibility of a pallet fork and lift many different load types with ease. Pallet forks can manage palleted soft and flexible material as well as solid loads, increasing application potential and business scope.


Weighing systems

Add a weighing system that can provide a rough or more accurate measurement - depending on the need. All systems are wireless, maintenance free, and perform accurately even when the load is moving.

Oil pumps

Oil pumps are a vital part of the complete hydraulic system. Choose the pump that is best for your crane and operational needs.


A reliable, precise and sturdy rotator is essential for handling loads. The right rotator will help you tackle even the heaviest and bulky loads with precision.

Brick grabs

Increase handling speed of loads with brick loads. Choose from two grab types differentiated by the opening and closing movement of the arms.

Original and the best

Get the best fit for your recycling crane with certified original Hiab accessories. All Hiab accessories are designed and safety approved for its operational function.

Always manufactured to the highest quality standards and designed to deliver exceptional functionality and performance.