Hiab original slide pads

At Hiab, we have spent 75 years working hard to deliver the highest quality in everything we do. Each component in our products is carefully selected to secure the best quality and the highest safety level. Therefore, when maintaining our products, it is important to use original spare parts to keep the same performance and safety level as you have invested in.

Slide pads are important for precision and to prevent damage on structural components. High-quality slide pads withstand extensive usage and provide smooth movement during loading and unloading.

5 reasons why you perform better with Hiab original slide pads
  • Manufactured in an advanced, oil-filled, nylon material for reduced friction and wear rates
  • Available as a “Slide pad kit” with all necessary parts included in one cost-effective solution
  • Special feature helps excel in higher pressures and at low speeds
  • Developed to withstand contact with chemicals, alkalis, dilute acids and oxidising agents
  • Improved properties for high tensile strength and high impact resistance
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