Pole positioning


The scope of posing covers many different activities:

  • Installation of telecommunication antennas
  • Handling and laying of lighting structures
  • Handling and laying of high-voltage pylons
  • Assembly of construction cranes
  • High altitude maintenance

These are operations that require the highest levels of precision in movements, and considerable rotation power, which can be achieved, above all, by the slewing ring system. Choosing Effer cranes for this type of work means relying on machines able to last over time without deterioration in their quality: Effer rotation systems, both cog with slewing ring, are designed with a very low friction index, thereby reducing component wear over time. The register system for mechanical play recovery, present on rotation groups, ensures maximum efficiency even after years of use.

During handling and installation of piles and similar, it is crucial to rely on cranes that maintain considerable power even at great heights: in this way you can carry out even the most extreme works and thus be more competitive.

Thanks to the electronic management system Progress 2.0 you can work safely: You can manage multiple workspaces simultaneously and monitor the performance of the crane moment by moment thanks to the multiple information that you can see on the remote control display.

Effer technology allows you to apply at the extreme end of crane gravity balanced baskets for operators, or self-levelling platforms in order to carry out different types of maintenance work with the same crane at high altitude.