Crane with basket


The people-carrier basket accessory allows you to carry out work at height with maximum safety and without having to rely on outdated or more dangerous systems.

The crane combined with the basket can be used in many areas, such as agriculture, maintenance, the public sector and plant installation without altering the original features of the crane.

  • Effer cranes, thanks to the special geometry of their arms and their delicacy of movement, allow you to work with exceptional boom reach both horizontally and vertically, and rotation with slewing ring is an excellent alternative to the rack and pinion system (still available on many models) for those who need to work with no interruption to rotation, over 360 °. The new ICON 215 is the first crane in the world in the 20 txm class to have a free-rotation turntable system: discover all the advantages of ICON.
  • Those who work with cranes and people-carrier basket know how important it is to rely on smooth movement for maximum safety and precision during operation. Effer cranes guarantee all this thanks to Pro.Dec (Progressive Deceleration) that is the presence of hydraulic shock absorbers at the internal end of the extension cylinders. In this way they cancel oscillations, eliminate bumps between jacks in opening and closing, and work becomes safer and more effective.

Effer cranes can apply different types of man baskets from simple fiberglass basket with balance by gravity to the self-levelling platforms with hydraulic rotation and lateral extension.