Construction involves carrying out a large variety of work employing the use of different materials that require appropriate accessories such as the bucket, the gripper for concrete slabs or marble, and the pallet fork-lift.

The Effer-cranes range offers infinite solutions to handle sand, gravel, bricks, concrete blocks, clay-bricks and artefacts safely.

The new ICON 215 has been created to meet all the needs of the construction industry in combination with bucket: it is the first crane in the world with a slewing ring in the 20-txm category, and it allows you to work at 360 ° with maximum precision and load faster using the bucket on two trailers.

Moreover, being extremely compact it provides the truck with a significant payload on. This way you need to make fewer trips with the materials on board, saving time and increasing your daily profitability, especially important in this sector.

Do you need to work with a rack and pinion system? No problem: with the Effer range you can choose from many models! Learn all about Effer rotation systems.

Effer cranes are an effective tool for the ever growing sector of green building, that is the construction of buildings with low environmental impact using recycled or renewable materials such as wood. In fact, these machines are perfect for the installation of photovoltaic panels, for the handling of wood and prefabricated buildings and components, as well as being the ideal companion for every-day hard work: the Effer-crane hydraulic system is equipped with large components (pipes, cylinders, distributor, oil cooler…) giving you maximum power and operating speed straight away, not to mention its exceptional accuracy.

In addition, through the advanced electronic systems Progress and Progress 2.0 the load applied to the crane is managed to ensure maximum operator and load safety. Crane maximum operating limits are shown on the display panel and by indicator lights. The Effer electronic control systems also manage the progressive variation of crane movement speed according to the load and its position. One of the new features of the Progress 2.0 is the Virtual Shield, a system to protect the truck cab from collision with the crane.

To handle all the loads it is critical to have good truck stabilization. Effer has thought of everything designing systems such as the CroSStab and the new V-Stab.

With Effer cranes you also have the chance to really get anywhere thanks to exceptional boom reach both horizontally and vertically, not to mention the negative angles of jib that can be used to reach areas where other machines cannot work. One way to be even more competitive!

Considering construction, you are usually working using the winch: to facilitate and speed up operations, Effer has created Wind & Drive. With this solution, the winch pulleys, with rope running through them, are all incorporated in the crane structure, so you can immediately start working and shut down the machine without having to remove any component. So it saves time and therefore money.

On construction sites working and weather conditions are not always optimal (dust, rain, dirt, extreme temperatures). The Progress 2.0 system, has an index protection of IP 67, both resistant to water and to atmospheric agents.