When dealing with greenery, articulated cranes, rather than conventional ones have some important advantages.

In fact, you can perform pruning, tree removal and transport operations using one means, namely the loader crane that can also be equipped with a people carrier-basket for work at height. Effer cranes are optimal working tools for those who work in this sector: greater safety, convenience and comfort during cutting operations and materials handling. Also the use of a hydraulic crane articulated can reduce operator work fatigue that can lead to accidents.
Working with an articulated crane also decreases the need to climb the tree to work, thus saving time.

The truck crane is an ideal partner for those working at height directly on the tree (tree climbing): It is essential to have precise movements to remove branches and trunks without damaging the plant and to get into the tightest working areas.

But it is also important for the crane operator to have a tool that allows movements that are precise to the millimetre. An articulated crane can overcome limits such as the presence of electrical wires, buildings, infrastructures, and all kinds of obstacles. In this way you can work safely in confined spaces and urban areas.

Effer cranes are definitely the right tools for this job. Secure and versatile for those who work in the maintenance of green areas: they feature mainly the electronic management system Progress 2.0 to optimize stability and the crane arms geometry allows you to work faster all the while, increasing your income.

To handle all loads it is critical to have a good truck stabilization, even in the tightest most irregular spaces and. For this sector it is essential to have a good truck stabilization. Effer has thought of everything designing systems such as the CroSStab and the new V-Stab:

  • V-Stab: The special position of the crane stabilizers leaves a free area adjacent to the base of the machine thus allowing the handling of loads of considerable size and weight. With standard stabilization you would otherwise have to use a higher class crane to lift them to do the same job. The solution V-Stab is available for models from 60 txm to 150 txm.
  • CroSStab is also a patented Effer solution which provides an extremely valuable alternative to the V-Stab because it allows you to position the left cross stabilizer in an infinite number of possible angles according to the problems that the working environment presents.

Both versions allow you to work at the front of the truck using the maximum crane-lifting capacity. Effer is the only crane manufacturer who offers 360° stability!

Effer cranes can also be mounted on tracked vehicles for extreme situations.