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Whatever your business, your crane goes through a lot. You can constantly expose it to the harsh elements of nature. It doesn’t matter if you’re working deep in the forest, at a remote scrapyard, or in the middle of an urban construction site. Rain, dust, sand and sunlight are unforgiving forces that wear on your crane all year around.

To uphold the quality and performance of the crane year after year, it is absolutely crucial to provide it with an effective anti-corrosion surface protection. This is why we have created nDurance: an advance nanotechnology paint process that provides the industry’s toughest protection in all weather conditions.


Hiab nDurance is surface protection that’s proven to last.


The industry’s most extraordinary protection is now standard.


Hiab nDurance coating gives you more years without worry.



En kran är ständigt utsatt för väder och vind, regn, damm, sand och solljus är alla krafter som sliter på styckegodskranen året runt. För att upprätthålla kvaliteten och prestandan hos en styckegodskran år efter år, är det absolut nödvändigt att förse den med en effektiv korrosions ytskydd.

Det är därför vi har skapat målningsprocessen nDurance. Ett tekniskt avancerade och miljövänlig förbehandling och målningsprocess, baserad på nanoteknologi i kombination med state-of-the-art e-beläggning och pulvermålning. Med nDurance kan vi erbjuda branschens bästa hi-tech skydd för din HIAB styckegodskran.

När du investerar i en Hiab, Jonsered eller Loglift lyftkran, investerar du i hög prestanda och överlägsen kvalitet över kranens livstid. nDurance skyddar kranen och innebär kostnadseffektivt ägande, samt med en snygg kran under hela dess livstid.

Här kan du läsa om nDurance, hur processen är uppbyggd och fördelarna du får med att ha din kran skyddad av nDurance.


The greatest benefit of using nanotechnology for anti-corrosion treatment is its ability to cover every square millimeter of the treated goods. As the word suggests the process works with the smallest elements imaginable, molecules and even atoms, to create a comprehensive and superior corrosion resistance.


The backbone of the nDurance process consist of three different protective layers, each contributing to making your crane highly resistant to corrosion and the hardwearing environments that it is exposed to every day. Below the process is described step-by-step.

Nano pre-treatment

After thorough cleansing, degreasing and blasting of the metal parts, the first anti-corrosion layer is applied. This is conducted in a dip tank, creating an ultra thin, crome-free, nano-ceramic shield that protects all surface areas, including cavities and areas that are usually difficult to access. The nano-ceramic shield occurs when hydroxyl groups react with each other on atom level to form a dense, cross-linked molecular network bound to the metal surface. This solid layer gives excellent corrosion resistance, and also work as foundation for the second protective layer.

Lacquer polymer e-coating

Step two in the nDurance process is the application of the lacquer polymer coating using the latest technology in e-coating. The electrified paint bath makes the primer particles stick effectively to the nano-ceramic shield, ensuring improved corrosion resistance. The technique leaves no drip or sag marks and also increases film-thickness on edges with up to 100 % compared to standard e-coating systems.

Powder coating

The third step in the process is the powder coating, which is carried out in a strictly controlled environment. Most of the painting is automated, but some parts are made by hand. In the oven the powder  paint turns into a hard and durable surface that features excellent protection and mechanical properties to cope in the harshest of working environments.

Quality assurance control & testing

After the completion of the nDurance process, all parts are thoroughly controlled before going into the actual manufacturing of our cranes. Following Hiab Paint Standards we periodically also run tests in an external laboratory to verify the resistance to corrosion, adherence and permeation – all to secure the quality and performance of your crane for years to come.



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