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Whatever your business, your crane goes through a lot. You can constantly expose it to the harsh elements of nature. It doesn’t matter if you’re working deep in the forest, at a remote scrapyard, or in the middle of an urban construction site. Rain, dust, sand and sunlight are unforgiving forces that wear on your crane all year around.

To uphold the quality and performance of the crane year after year, it is absolutely crucial to provide it with an effective anti-corrosion surface protection. This is why we have created nDurance: an advance nanotechnology paint process that provides the industry’s toughest protection in all weather conditions.


Hiab nDurance is surface protection that’s proven to last.


The industry’s most extraordinary protection is now standard.


Hiab nDurance coating gives you more years without worry.

Процесс покраски


Кран постоянно подвергается воздействию со стороны природных элементов. Дождь, пыль, песок и прямой солнечный свет - все эти безжалостные силы воздействуют на ваш кран круглый год. Чтобы кран продолжал качественно выполнять поставленные задачи, необходимо обеспечить его эффективной защитой от коррозии.

This is why we have created nDurance. A technologically advanced and environmentally sound pre-treatment and paint process, based on nanotechnology combined with state-of-the-art e-coating
and powder painting. With nDurance we can offer the industry’s best hi-tech protection for your crane.

When you invest in a Hiab, Jonsered or Loglift crane, you’re investing in high performance and superior quality over time. nDurance safeguards a long and cost-effective ownership with a good looking crane throughout its lifetime.

Here you can read about nDurance, how the process is structured and the advantages you get from having your crane protected by nDurance.


Одно из преимуществ использования нанотехнологий для нанесения антикоррозийного агента состоит в том, что он покроет каждый миллиметр обрабатываемого объекта. Как и следует из слова «нанотехнологичный», процесс работает с мельчайшими элементами, молекулами и даже атомами, создавая непревзойденную защиту от коррозии.


Основу процесса nDurance составляют три разных защитных слоя, каждый из которых вносит свою лепту в защиту вашего крана от коррозии и последствий работы в тяжелых условиях. Приведенный ниже процесс описан шаг за шагом.

Начальная обработка нано-частицами

After thorough cleansing, degreasing and blasting of the metal parts, the first anti-corrosion layer is applied. This is conducted in a dip tank, creating an ultra thin, crome-free, nano-ceramic shield that protects all surface areas, including cavities and areas that are usually difficult to access. The nano-ceramic shield occurs when hydroxyl groups react with each other on atom level to form a dense, cross-linked molecular network bound to the metal surface. This solid layer gives excellent corrosion resistance, and also work as foundation for the second protective layer.

Покрытие полимера лаком

Step two in the nDurance process is the application of the lacquer polymer coating using the latest technology in e-coating. The electrified paint bath makes the primer particles stick effectively to the nano-ceramic shield, ensuring improved corrosion resistance. The technique leaves no drip or sag marks and also increases film-thickness on edges with up to 100 % compared to standard e-coating systems.

Покрытие порошком

The third step in the process is the powder coating, which is carried out in a strictly controlled environment. Most of the painting is automated, but some parts are made by hand. In the oven the powder  paint turns into a hard and durable surface that features excellent protection and mechanical properties to cope in the harshest of working environments.

Контроль качества& и тестирование

After the completion of the nDurance process, all parts are thoroughly controlled before going into the actual manufacturing of our cranes. Following Hiab Paint Standards we periodically also run tests in an external laboratory to verify the resistance to corrosion, adherence and permeation – all to secure the quality and performance of your crane for years to come.



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