Lifting performance with EFFER

If lifting needs to be accomplished, then why not let us help, EFFER stands for the ultimate solutions and crane designs that help you achieve the most difficult and varied types of load handling jobs. Nothing is too far or too high to be lifted to, and the passion and knowhow behind the developments of its designs are all for “winning the challenge”.

Reach where other can’t

and get the job done

Having to bring that air and heating unit to the fifteenth floor happens a lot when working at new building sites, and that means you need equipment to get it done, without losing time and getting it to the right spot without damaging anything.

EFFER has developed many solutions over time, and its close relationships with customers has led the company to develop exactly what was needed in order to reach higher, reduce the weight of the cranes and increase the lifting performance.

Overtake your competitors

High performance EFFER knuckle boom cranes give you that extra advantage over other types of crane models, allowing you to be flexible and access many city limit areas without the burden of those certifications that many times are needed and are expensive.

You get to do business, reach where needed and without giving up on that precious payload every activity needs.

Beyond the limits

Just use that additional second JIB extension and reach even further. EFFER cranes offer a wide selection of JIBs and are available for one of the most extensive ranges of models in the market, the use of the second JIB is also totally compliant to CE regulations.

XL stands for “extra” business

EFFER introduces extreme performance… The new JIB design allows for increased outreach and even higher loading capabilities. With the new extensive reach of the JIB XL we enable the crane owner and company to serve special requests that other similar businesses would not be able to offer.

The initial investment will repay for itself in a short time.


The KJ is a two-additional hydraulic boom extension that is installed at the end of the crane’s main extension line, during the design phase it was key to deliver a ‘performance’ solution that would allow to stay within the GVW of 40T (truck+crane+load). A simple, yet effective solution, was to have a part that would be managed as an ‘add-on’, so to use it when necessary. Learn more about the EFFER 2255 with KJ.

Work in all conditions

giving stability to your business

Not all working sites are spacious or are easy places to reach, and operating in a safe and effective way remains a top priority, and being able to deliver the load where needed can be a true challenge.

That’s how innovative and clever designs from EFFER can give you that extra advantage compared to traditional stabilization systems.


The orientation of the patented CroSStab stabilizers allows working at maximum performance at 360° rotation avoiding the installation of additional front stabilizers. With standard trucks, the total height of the vehicle including the crane and JIB remains under 4 metres. The rotating stabilizer can be freely orientated on the side of the truck for maximum flexibility in its placement. With CroSStab there is more side space between the stabilizers for handling bulky and heavy loads even close to the crane base.


A unique solution which answers some practical questions when having to work in confined spaces at the lifting sites, the V-Stab solution available on selected models from EFFER is as unique as the brand itself. Always finding solutions for customers that need to carry out jobs in the most effective way. The variable positioning of the front stabilizers maximize the lifting capability according to the given space.

Estamos aqui para apoiá-lo

Deixe-nos cuidar de você: Um ano de garantia ou pacotes de manutenção preventiva que dão ao seu negócio a tranquilidade que você precisa.


a true commitment to you, a true commitment to your business

EFFER offers a wide set of functions and components that all work together increasing the overall safety for those working with, and, around the crane. Reducing damage to the objects and the crane itself equally are our priority.


EFFER’s control system Progress 2.0 provides as standard the safety performance C level (EN12999) and on request the basket safety performance D level (EN 280:2001).

Fact based business

let numbers and data drive your decisions

RACE [Remote Assistance Control Effer] is the connectivity system for EFFER cranes, based on the Progress 2.0 control system platform, that allows you to always stay connected to your crane and to consult the data. This bi-directional connectivity is a state of the art innovation that finds few other cases on the market.

Service at your fingertip

You can, from remote, always know how long the crane has been working and how many cycles it has gone through, being able to plan beforehand an intervention or a service checkup.

From today to the future

The possibility to upgrade selected crane control systems in the future allows you to add flexibility as your business grows and it keeps your crane’s value higher over time.

Plan your work efficiently

By keeping an eye on where the equipment is, and by establishing working times, you can manage more jobs per day, adding revenue to your business.

Reduce expensive downtimes

The possibility to send updates to the cranes means being able to do many fixes without having to bring the crane to a workshop, reducing both travel and fuel cost, other than avoiding to lose time.