When you invest in Hiab equipment, you invest in quality performance to safely and efficiently fulfill your commitments to your customers – every single day.

With Hiab Services, we are here for you throughout your equipment lifecycle, giving the uptime and reliability you need to deliver as promised.

From the moment of installation, we can ensure that your Hiab equipment keeps its original performance – delivering always to your expectations.

With the latest tools, connectivity and wide network of experts, we support you whenever and wherever you need us. So you can sleep well at night – every single night.

Hiab Lifecycle Services ensure your Hiab equipment produces as planned. World-class services and support from day one with installation and training, flexible service contract to fit the daily operations, and all the way through to extended lifetime for your equipment.

Whether you need an urgent repair, additional maintenance, expertise or some fast troubleshooting to get to solve a problem, we’re there for you.



Hiab ProCare is a flexible service contract to secure the uptime of all Hiab equipment. With scheduled and preventive maintenance the equipment will stay in the same high quality as you invested in. With ProCare every piece of equipment is professionally taken care of due to our global service network, high quality standards and original spare parts reducing the risk of costly breakdowns and unexpected downtime. ProCare brings to you the peace of mind with a total cost of ownership and increases the re-sell value of your machine.

  • Secure uptime with predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Total cost of ownership with easy and transparent administration
  • Flexible offering in several levels to full-fill your needs
  • Professional technicians and Original spare parts
  • Follow the Hiab equipment service plan for valid warranty
  • Available for all Hiab equipments from a global service network
  • Increases the re-sell value of your machine




Hiab Original Parts ensure that your Hiab product stays a Hiab product. In other words, they give you the same functionality and quality you invested in from the start – essential for optimal performance, safety and avoiding costly downtime.

Our parts are manufactured to the highest standards. They are designed for our equipment; guaranteeing they fit the first time and with the quality the equipment need to perform at its best.

• Original quality for best performance
• Perfect fitting for quick repair/maintenance
• Quick delivery for high uptime
• Easy ordering with high availability








You’ll find all Hiab Original Parts from our Hiab Webshop. Our optimized stock and logistics ensure fast delivery of parts, saving you time and money.

Visit Hiab Webshop


We’ve designed Hiab Service Kits based on the most common maintenance needs and requests from our customers – all with original parts to ensure full functionality, perfect fit and lifetime equipment value. Preventative maintenance with a service kit ensures all relevant parts are changed simultaneously secure higher uptime and more time for equipment in operation and earning profits – not spending time in the workshop. 


Your customers face expensive downtime when a hose on their Hiab equipment
fails. As their trusted repair shop, you need to have critical spares like Hiab original
hoses on hand, but in a flexible way.
The answer is Hiab Hoses on Demand with 8/24/72 hours delivery times.
But sometimes even this service is not fast enough.


Meet our US customer, Mans Lumber and listen to how we create value for their business with our Service offering. Mans Lumber is a family owned lumber yard building material supply company.

Learn more about the Mans Lumber case


With a global service network and experts in more than 100 countries, we support you whenever and wherever you need us. With a mix of own service centers and service partners we can secure professional care for your Hiab equipment all over the world. All our Service centers are working by the 5S quality program and we regularly verify our partners for high-quality service. So you can rest assured you have the best support, with minimum downtime.

Find your closest service center

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HiConnect, a connected service for Hiab customers enhancing the productivity of their business and the connected Hiab equipment. Customers will get real-time insights of their equipment utilization, operation, and condition. Through this, they can actively optimise performance and avoid unnecessary downtime. Web-based dashboards with clear and simple overviews provide status monitoring, service planning, and help improve the operation of each unit and operator.

Learn more about HiConnect


Hiab Connected Services keep you one step ahead with next-generation intelligence today. Connectivity enables new insights to unlock the highest levels of performance and uptime for our customers. Know in real time if there’s risk for unplanned downtime, get planned and predictive maintenance based on facts from the equipment conditions. With the knowledge from Hiab together with real data from your equipment we can offer the best service and support possible. Our Connected Services will help your company to increase efficiency, productivity, and safety. 

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