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ZEPRO ZS 150/200/250 Mk2

Tail Lifts

Sponda idraulica retrattile per carichi pesanti, con singola pedana pieghevole, specificamente concepita per l’installazione sotto l’autocarro. Capacità di sollevamento: 1500, 2000 e 2500 kg.
Trova rivenditore
The ZS Mk2 features a powder-painted, high-strength steel frame and platforms in different sizes, and options.

Robust and sturdy design with corrosion-protected cylinders and the new solid state control system makes this the perfect choice for all heavy trucks.

Smooth movement is enabled by a sliding system that has a hydraulic motor driving two sprockets which rotate and run under the slide profiles guided by simple, sturdy chains. Operation noise is kept to a minimum with a built-in hydraulic unit that also houses sensitive components.

A slimline version designed to maximise ground clearance is also available.

All capacity versions offer spring-assisted, folding aluminium platforms to ensure low weight and ease of use when operating manually.

Caratteristiche standard e opzionali

Specifiche del modello

Capacità di sollevamento (Kg)
Platform Types
Lunghezza max piattaforma (mm)
Larghezza max piattaforma (mm)
Altezza di sollevamento (mm)
ZEPRO ZS 150-135ZEPRO ZS 150-155ZEPRO ZS 200-135ZEPRO ZS 200-155ZEPRO ZS 250-135ZEPRO ZS 250-155
Alu AluAlu AluAlu AluAlu AluAlu AluAlu Alu


Kim Axdal Transport, Denmark

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