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Emission free

The MOFFETT eSeries NX is equipped with the latest Lithium-ion battery technology. It means it does not generate or release any emissions.

Silent operation

Since the MOFFETT eSeries NX runs on a battery it is extremely quiet. Its silent operation makes it ideal for urban and night-time deliveries.

Easy charging

The MOFFETT eSeries NX can be charged from a conventional wall socket, and also via an on-board charger when delivery truck is traveling between jobs, giving you maximum flexibility.

Reduced cost of ownership

The MOFFETT eSeries NX offers a reduced Total Cost of Ownership and a better return on investment compared to its diesel equivalents.

All-wheel drive

To give you ultimate traction in all areas, the MOFFETT eSeries NX is equipped with permanent magnet high torque wheel motors.

Value in focus

Well-known truck journalist and expert on the UK truck industry Brian Weatherley takes you through all the unique features of the new MOFFETT eSeries NX.

“The MOFFETT eSeries NX comes with all the attributes and strengths you’ve come to expect and demand from a MOFFETT: reliability, efficiency, productivity but backed up by an innovative, all-green, zero-emission, all-electric drive.”

Meet one of our customers – Behrens Group. They have been using MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts in their operations for about 30 years and the electric MOFFETT since 2017.

“We can deliver to a residential area at 6 or 6:30 in the morning without any problems and without the residents complaining.”

Meet Jan de Vaan from the Netherlands. In 2015, he became the winner in the first ever MOFFETT World Championship showing off all the benefits of the new MOFFETT eSeries NX.

“It’s more sustainable and sustainable transport is what we should strive for.”


UK +44 1691 623 100

US 1-800-852-2331


Clienti al centro

Incontra il nostro cliente francese, Cargomatic e scopri come MOFFETT E-Series crea valore per la sua attività.

"Il carrello elevatore elettrico autotrasportato ci ha permesso di affrontare nuovi mercati. Il primo mercato è la distribuzione di merci durante la notte in area urbana" - Arnaud Deniau, fondatore e proprietario di Cargomatic

Incontra il nostro cliente del Regno Unito, Pets at Home e scopri come MOFFETT E-Series crea valore per la sua attività.

"La E-Series è arrivata e ne hanno beneficiato le nostre consegne notturne, grazie alla sua silenziosità ed efficienza. La E-Series è una novità mondiale" - Mike Pursill, autista presso Pets at Home

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