Manually controlled
CE marked
Up to 14,5 Tm capacity

Available in configurations
B-1, B-2 and B-3
BS-1, BS-2 and BS-3
The HIAB iX.148 DUO is an manually operated crane that comes both as a non-CE marked version with OLP, and as a CE-marked version with stabiliser supervision included, designed to provide the highest level of reliability and safety. This workhorse is the latest generation of cranes and comes equipped with the advanced DUO control system, which offers a wide range of options, including increased safety features, making it a safe and dependable option for any lifting operation.

The crane is built on the same steel structure as its more advanced sibling, the HIAB iX.162 HIPRO, ensuring that it does not compromise on quality or durability. The HIAB iX.148 DUO is part of the HIAB world of reliability and safety, providing peace of mind to users that they have a high-quality product.

With up to 3 hydraulic extensions, optional B or BS link configurations, and a lifting capacity ranging between 13.5 and 14.5 tonne metres, depending on configuration, the iX.148 DUO is a versatile crane. Its maximum hydraulic outreach is 11 metres, which can be extended up to 12.9 metres, including manual extension, providing users with a wide range of lifting options.

Upgrade your lifting operations with the HIAB iX.148 DUO, the reliable and durable solution for any manual lifting needs. With its advanced DUO control system, versatile configurations, and exceptional warranties, this crane is an excellent investment for any lifting operation. Trust in the HIAB world of reliability and safety to provide you with a high-quality and dependable crane, giving you peace of mind that your investment will last for years to come.

Available in configurations B-1, B-2 and B-3, as well as BS-1, BS-2 and BS-3.


HIAB iX.148 DUO B-1HIAB iX.148 DUO B-2HIAB iX.148 DUO B-3HIAB iX.148 DUO BS-1HIAB iX.148 DUO BS-2HIAB iX.148 DUO BS-3

HIAB iX.148 DUO B-1
HIAB iX.148 DUO B-2
HIAB iX.148 DUO B-3
HIAB iX.148 DUO BS-1
HIAB iX.148 DUO BS-3
HIAB iX.148 DUO BS-2
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