Loader Cranes

HIDUO is the balanced performance platform.

Remote controlled.
CE marked, a non-CE market version is also available.
13.5 Tm capacity.

Available in configurations
B1, B2 and B-3
BS-1, BS-2 and BS-3
The HIAB iX.138 HIDUO is the next generation loader crane; both lighter and stronger than its predecessor. It is the ideal crane for combinations where maximised payload capacity is of value, i.e within on-off loading, build material and brick & block applications.

The crane is built on the same steel structure as its more advanced sibling, the HIAB iX.142 HIPRO, ensuring that it does not compromise on quality or durability. The HIAB iX.138 HIDUO is part of the HIAB world of reliability and safety, providing peace of mind to users that they have a high-quality product.

With up to 3 hydraulic extensions, optional B, BS or BSS link configurations, and a lifting capacity ranging between XX and XX tonne metres, depending on configuration, the iX.138 HIDUO is a versatile crane. Its maximum hydraulic outreach is XX metres, which can be extended up to XX metres, including manual extension, providing users with a wide range of lifting options.

There can be no compromise on safety. Hiab products and services place a top priority on the protection of drivers, people around the machine, the goods being loaded or unloaded and the environment. Hiab cranes are also designed to be easy and reassuringly predictable to operate. Many of our customers have numerous drivers, all of whom must be able to achieve the best productivity from our products. With this in mind, Hiab has developed and provides first-class documentation, product familiarisation at handover and operator’s education courses.

Available in configurations B-1, B-2 and B-3, as well as short boom variants BS-1, BS-2, BS-3 and BSS-2.

The HIAB HIDUO remote control system has earned the trust of operators thanks to its remarkable responsiveness and reliability. It can be operated using either a lever or joystick, and is available with both the HIAB XSDrive and the advanced COMBIDRIVE4 remote controls as option.

What sets the HIDUO apart is its ability to perform several actions simultaneously, made possible by its built-in intelligence system for safe and efficient load handling. Moreover, the HIDUO boasts Automatic Speed Control (ASC), which boosts capacity without requiring any action from the operator or stopping the system.

The HIDUO is an excellent choice for those who value efficiency and performance. It delivers swift load cycles and well balanced performance, thanks in part to its ability to execute multiple actions simultaneously. The crane reacts instantly to the operator's lever movements, maintaining stability even during vertical lifts, which ensures the operator has full control over the load at all times. The HIDUO is a dependable remote control system that improves operator productivity and enhances overall crane performance.

These cranes are designed and built to perform in the toughest working environments, with the latest technology and maximum protection for the hydraulic system. The hoses, pipes, and cables are concealed and routed inside the booms' steel structure to protect them from accidental impacts and potential damage.

The iX-series comes with the next-generation control system, SPACEevo, which enables users to take advantage of new options and innovations. This smart functionality boosts productivity with soft, smooth, and rapid crane movements for more lifting operations per day. The state-of-the-art SPACEevo sensor safety system, paired with new smart technology, enhances crane operation safety by preventing accidents.

HIAB places a top priority on safety, protecting drivers, people around the machine, the goods being loaded or unloaded, and the environment. The cranes are designed to be easy and predictable to operate, with first-class documentation, product familiarisation, and operator education courses.

The XSDrive remote control is the standard remote controller, providing two-way communication with the crane using cable or radio. This gives users more freedom of movement around the crane and working area, enabling them to find the best possible vantage point from which to control the loading and unloading process.

All SPACEevo remote enabled cranes are compatible with the new top-of-the-industry remote controller, CombiDrive 4, as an option. With the CombiDrive4, you will take full control of your crane movements through an intuitive interface, complete with haptic feedback to help you stay focused on your load. The tri-display shows data and alerts in easy-to-read colours, and operators can even customise the system to their preferences, naming views, adding functions, and tailoring pictures for special functions.

This next-generation system boasts an extended battery life and ultra-light design, making it ergonomic for all-day operations. Despite its advanced features, the CombiDrive4 maintains a compact size, with an 8-function controller that's the same size as today's 6-function unit.

Safety is a top priority with the CombiDrive4, featuring advanced safety features such as Confirmed View sensors that automatically detect the operator's position, eliminating the need for acknowledgment on the user interface and allowing the operator to maintain a safe distance from the crane. Warning and puddle lights also illuminate the working area, ensuring maximum visibility for the operator

All HIAB loader cranes are backed by an industry-leading two-year warranty, with an optional third year available. Steel parts are covered by a five-year warranty or up to 100,000 load cycles, ensuring a continuous working life for your investment. Additionally, the special nDurance paint protection finish further contributes to making the crane look and last longer.

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