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Grues de manutention
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Grues forestières
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Grues de recyclage
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Chariot élévateur embarqué
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HIAB iQ.958 HiPro

Loader Cranes

“iQ” represents the next generation HIAB cranes with the most advanced control system and design.

The most advanced model platform within the HIAB loader crane range of products.

Remote controlled loader crane.
CE marked.

The Crane designed from the future
90tm range crane.
This model is a modern and well balanced loader crane, represents the best balance point between performance, everyday use and high level of innovation content.

The HIAB iQ.958 HiPro excels in the performance of the 8 extension variant with the JIB 6 extensions, reaching that optimal lifting figure that outbeats competition.

This crane is characterized by the new SPACEevo control system that is an open and modular platform, that allows to add and create new functionalities over time, assuring the HIAB iQ.958 HIPRO a long lasting operating time over the years and a higher residual value.

Fonctionnalités standard et optionnelles

Diagrammes de charge

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HIAB iQ.958 HiPro E-10
HIAB iQ.958 HiPro E-8
HIAB iQ.958 HiPro E-9
HIAB iQ.958 HiPro E-8 JIB 155.Q-6 JDC
HIAB iQ.958 HiPro E-9 JIB.155Q-6 JDC
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