MULTILIFT Futura un skiploader de nouvelle génération. BUILT TO PERFORM
Pionnier dans la manutention de bennes, le MULTILIFT Futura présente une longue liste d'innovations de conception - certaines sont visibles, mais beaucoup d'autres sont cachées. Toutes garantissent une résistance supérieure, un aspect professionnel, des performances exceptionnelles et un fonctionnement sûr, facile et rapide.


Concept video

FlexControl™ Video

Customise your controls. Pay only for what you need, when you need it. The modular system makes retrofitting easy. Control options include the possibility to have outside, in-cab, radio remote controls, or a customised combination.

SwanNeck™ video

With the distinctive SwanNeck™ design, you can go farther than the competition. Literally. The precisely calculated curve in combination with the extra-long telescopic arms increases reach in container handling while maintaining perfect stability — even when lifting over fences and obstacles, or from an unaligned angle.