Hiab Japan displays forestry innovations for the future

Hiab stories | 30 november 2023 13:00 PM

On November 11 and 12, The 2023 Forestry and Environmental Machinery Exhibition and Demonstration took place in Hitachinaka City.

Hitachinaka City is in the Ibaraki Prefecture, located 150 km north of Tokyo. The event drew a crowd of 25,400 visitors over the two days.

At the Hiab stand four forestry trucks were prominently featured. Notably, the LOGLIFT F150Z, installed on a full trailer Scania truck, stood out. It is a large forestry crane with hydraulic pilot control not yet been introduced in Japan. This unique feature captured the interest of many attendees.

Another highlight was the LOGLIFT F125ZT HiVision, also mounted on a Scania. The upgraded and clearer camera images in version 2.0 drew the attention of numerous visitors, resulting in a line for those eager to experience the 3D headset. The third showcased vehicle was a container truck equipped with the MULTILIFT ULTIMA U26S-70 hooklift. This versatile construction can efficiently transport large volumes of wood chips and logs, catering to the growing demand for biomass power plants in recent years. The last truck at the booth had both a LOGLIFT F82Z and a MULTILIFT ULTIMA U21S-61 installed. It offers multifunctional capabilities such as loading and unloading logs and transporting wood chips.

"The ongoing shortage of truck drivers and young workers poses a challenge in Japan. Vehicles capable of transporting large volumes and serving multiple purposes, as we displayed, are therefore poised to remain a focal point in the future. The appeal of safe and advanced cranes, exemplified by HiVision, is expected to resonate with the younger demographic entering the forestry workforce. We aspire to be a steadfast partner, consistently offering solutions to address the diverse challenges faced by our customers," said Toshiya Suzuki, Director of Hiab Business Japan.