Time to go electric?


Is it time for me to go electric with my truck mounted forklift?

As with all new innovations, there is a lot of skepticism and opinions circulating. It is hard to distinguish facts from fiction.

The fact of the matter is that in many cases an electric truck mounted forklift is a much better alternative then a diesel driven one, but not always. It all depends.

To help you to better understand the best alternative for your business, we have created a guide with seven main questions to consider when choosing the right truck mounted forklift.

  • Where do you use you truck mounted forklift?
  • When do you use your truck mounted forklift?
  • How often do you need to charge your electric truck mounted forklift?
  • Can an electric truck mounted forklift deliver just as much as a diesel-driven?
  • What is the difference between driving an electric truck mounted forklift and a diesel-driven?
  • Is an electric truck mounted forklift more expensive than a diesel-driven?