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Las grúas forestales JONSERED están disponibles en distintas capacidades de elevación: de 6 a 37 toneladas métricas. En esencia, cada JONSERED es una grúa fiable, diseñada para rendir y para mantener su actividad en funcionamiento día tras día. Ofrece movimientos rápidos pero controlados y una gran relación peso/capacidad. 

También dispone de infinitas oportunidades para personalizar su grúa JONSERED. Brazo en S o brazo en Z, para troncos con su extensión total o madera cortada a medida, asiento elevado, cabina o HiVision™, estas son solo las primeras opciones. Desde los controles a la pinza, su JONSERED se puede adaptar a su forma de trabajo. Podemos ayudarle en cada paso, del análisis de requisitos a la selección y asistencia de su solución.

S-boom cranes
S-boom cranes have a straight boom that can be partially folded. During transport, the crane is parked over the load, or occasionally with the second boom folded over the truck cab. S-boom cranes are available in two configurations. The first has a top-mounted cylinder and a D-link on the second boom. The second has a bottom-mounted cylinder on the first boom and no D-link. Both configurations are available with 10.0-26.5 tm capacity.

Z-boom cranes
Z-boom cranes have a foldable inline boom system with two side-mounted cylinders on the second boom. When parked in transport position across the truck width, the folded boom resembles the letter Z. Z-boom cranes available with 6.0-22.5 tm capacity.

Accessories are an effective way to optimise productivity and flexibility. Here are just some of the options you can choose to tailor your crane to your particular needs.

  • Rotators
    Rotators are connected to a grapple by means of a flange attachment in order to, provide the firmest and most direct connection.

  • Timber grapples
    LOGLIFT timber grapples are designed for maximum efficiency and demanding work. There are numerous models available, each suited to a different application.

  • Weighing systems
    Accurate weighing of the timber avoids overloading and simultaneously helps to maximise payload and profitability. A USB stick can be connected to the weighing system, making it simply to offer customers information on weight and pricing. A wireless scale option is also available for faster access to data and increased productivity.

  • High seat weather protection hood
    A hood is mounted on the high seat and locked into position with a belt when not in use.


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