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During loading and unloading, you want to be visible, and you don’t want people to park in the area where you are working.

Warning flags and signs get worn out by the weather, by dirt and cleaning. Be sure to replace them in good time, so you are always visible when working with your tail lift.

Our warning sets contain flags to make sure your tail lift is as visible as possible, even when folded down, signs to demarcate your working area and prevent others from parking too close by, and yellow reflector tape (in line with the ECE R48 directive) to mark the side of the bridge, acting as an extension of the vehicle's side contour markings. 

For further information about the ZEPRO Warning Set contact:


To conduct service and repairs on a tail lift, you sometimes need to measure oil pressure and sufficient power.

In ZEPRO’s practical service kit, you will find a multi-meter and an oil pressure gauge with hose, along with the connectors and nipples you need to measure the oil pressure of our various tail lifts.


Our Service Kit contains all the critical components needed to ensure reliability, including not just solenoid valves and hoses, but also wear parts such as slitting wheels (for certain models) and warning flags.

In the package, you will also find our service procedures, listing all the points that need to be checked during a service.


Because of their placement, hoses connecting to the cylinders are exposed to heavy wear and tear. We therefore recommend they are replaced every three years. Kits with the necessary hoses are available for most of our tail lift models.


In our Z45 and Z75 lifts, we have introduced rubber bellows on the cylinders. Protecting the piston rod and reducing the risk of damage, they lengthen the service life of the cylinder.

Bellows are available as single items or as a complete retrofit kit. The kit contains bellows and clips for all four cylinders, along with assembly instructions.  

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