Longer service intervals – minimal
operational stoppages

Change oil every three years instead of every one. Optimise time consumption and save time by combining servicing and oil changes.

Less wear – extended service life

The ZEPRO Clearoil Filter collects everything from dirt and contaminants to condensation, and prevents the formation of ice particles in cold weather. The oil is kept clean, reducing wear on the hydraulic parts and maintaining system performance.

Extended service life – reduced costs

With longer intervals between oil changes, you save the cost of the filter in just one year. And your oil change costs are reduced overall. Best of all, your ZEPRO lift maintains peak performance over a longer service life.

Environmentally friendly – kinder to nature

You use less oil because you no longer need to change it every year.


The ZEPRO Clearoil Filter is a depth filter made of recycled hardwood cellulose fibres. The filter collects all kinds of dirt particles, condensation and water. It also prevents the formation of ice particles in cylinders and hoses in low temperatures. We recommend replacing the filter every three years.

The filter will be initially launched for the ZEPRO Z 1500/2000/2500 and Z3N models and will be integrated as an option on new orders.

The filter can be retro-fitted on earlier Z 150/200/250 and ZHD 1500/2000/3000 models. The filter can also be ordered as an accessory from ZEPRO Original Parts.

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