Research shows that 60% of road calls in the U.S. are related to power failures. The WALTCO Solar Charger resolves this problem by generating power through solar panels on the roof of your truck or trailer and storing it in your liftgate battery.


  • Environmentally friendly, low impact solution
  • Cost effective compared to Trail Chargers
  • Low cost, payback on investment under 3-years
  • Batteries charged to capacity daily
  • Charging continues, even when vehicle is stationary
  • Low maintenance, only requires annual Inspection


Unbeatable prices on WALTCO Solar Charging Solutions.

Benefit from up to 50% discount on the RRP up until 30 September 2020.

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The lightweight solar panels are simple, modular, and easy to install. They can be configured to fit all kinds of trucks or trailers without affecting unit overall height.


With a controller to prevent overcharging, your battery lasts up to 50% longer and the only maintenance it needs is an annual inspection.

waltco solar charger

The sun's power is unlimited, making it our most reliable energy source. It's clean, cost-effective and infinitely renewable. More importantly, with solar power your liftgate battery never dies, it keeps charging even when your vehicle is stationary, and never overcharges. All this means you can put an end to stops caused by power problems and maximize the uptime of your fleet.

IssueWithout SolarWith Solar
Liftgate failure due to power problems Service call 500 - 700 dollars 
Truck reload 2 - 4 hours
No power failure
Vehicle idling to produce power Fuel costs 
25 - 100 dollars/day
Zero fuel costs
Battery replacement 6 - 18 months 3 - 5 years
Liftgate cycles/day 10 - 30 cycles depending on drive time Average additional 25 cycles per day regardless of drive time*

*Based on a 200W system in Great Lakes Region

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