Tail lift accessories

Enhance productivity and optimise your working day

Tail lifts combine industry-leading innovation and durability to optimise each working day. Tailor your lift with our specialist range of accessories that can tackle the most challenging jobs and enhance the productivity of your fleet with digital solutions.

Optimise your business with accessories designed for your ZEPRO tail lift.

Warning lights

Increase safety and be seen while loading and unloading with warning lights. These can be mounted on the lift and are activated automatically when the platform is lowered to a horizontal position.

Wear plates

Wear Plates are stainless steel plates welded on the platform. They take the greatest wear and tear on the ground and protect the coating.

ZEPRO Clear Oil Filter

Keep your oil clean by reducing wear on hydraulic parts and maintaining system performance. The ZEPRO Clear Oil Filter collects everything from dirt and contaminants to condensation and prevents the formation of ice particles in cold weather. Thereby reducing the maintenance cost and prolonging the life of the hydraulic system.



A must if you have loads on wheels. Built in rollstops provide effective protection for both goods and employees.


Side loading ramps

Side loading ramps make it possible to load from the platform side and even from docks and pavements. The ramps are available in aluminium in several sizes.

Radio control unit

The radio control is very ergonomic and safe for the operator to use and very easy to install. This will increase the performance and efficiency for the operator handling the daily goods.

Yellow warning line

The yellow warning line is a simple security detail to enhance the contrast between the platform and the ground. This is for the user's safety and highlights where the platform ends. A simple detail that can make a huge difference.

Extra hand control units

Extra hand control units are available in several versions for fixed installation, spiral cable or radio control.

Take a look at the Z-series instructional video featuring ZEPRO tail lift options.

Optimise your business with accessories designed for your DEL tail lift.

Auto erect fences

Arguably the safest and most user friendly types of guards because they automatically deploy when the platform is opened. The guards are permanently hinged to the tip of the platform, simply closing the platform causes the fences to fold up automatically. Preferred by operators, because they have no extra work to do but also by vehicle owners because the guards must always be used.

Drop in detachable guard

This is the simplest solution, the guards can be fitted to any type of platform, on any type of tail lift ‘Pockets’ set into the platform allow the guard to be dropped into position. When not needed the guards are stored within the vehicle. These type of guards can be retrofitted to tail lifts already fitted to vehicles.

Dual mode fences

These guards are our latest innovation and offer the best of both worlds. They operate in the same way as the auto erect but with an additional feature. Instead of being permanently fixed to the platform,  a quick release system allows the guards to be manually pushed upwards and held securely in the upright position. This permits the platform to be loaded/unloaded from the side. When the guards are next required, simply unlatch from the vertical position and re-attached to the end of the platform.

Extra deep platforms

We have the ability to increase the overall working size of the platform to suit a wide range of application needs. Please contact our sales teams with information on the items you are lifting and they will help you spec the correct platform size for your needs

Factory body fitting kits

We have a comprehensive range of fitting kits available to suit a multitude of factory built dropside and luton bodies. Each kit has been carefully designed to ensure ease of fitment plus being robust to stand up to daily operation.

Hinged rear ramps

Rear ramps are permanently fixed to the platform. There are three possible positions. 1. Opened, to form a ramp from the platform to the ground. 2. Locked vertically, to act as a trolley stop. 3. Folded back on to the platform surface before platform is closed, prior to vehicle movement.

Hinged side ramps

Side ramps operate in the same way as the rear ramps but are fixed to the side of the tail lift platform instead of the rear. This is only suitable on certain specs of DL500 Lift.

Internal control

A secondary Internal Control is available, in order for the operator to have easy access to a control whilst in the rear of the vehicle. This is standard on all of our larger Lifts 1000kg + but is an option on all smaller Lifts.

Short columns

If the vehicle lights cannot be moved due to Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA), we can supply lifts with short columns to help assist you. As the column is reduced below floor, we have to utilise longer tail lift sliders and extend the column further above floor level.

Del trolly stops

Spring activated trolley stops are recommended as an alternative to hinged ramps, if wheeled trolleys are loaded/unloaded. The stop is “inactive” until the lever is slid back by foot. When released, the trolley stop springs open automatically, preventing wheeled trolleys from rolling off the platform.

Wrap around fences

These are our original guards introduced many years ago. They are still popular because they have to be deployed to use the tail lift yet they can rotate through 180° to allow the platform to be loaded/unloaded from the side. The opening and closing operation is quick and simple.

Optimise your business with accessories designed for your WALTCO liftgate.

Aluminium platform

The aluminum platform is the perfect choice if you are looking for a lighter platform with exceptional corrosion resistance. The platform has a unique bolt-together feature that reduces costly repairs.

Bed extension

We offer various bed extension options to accommodate your needs. These options include a 102" wide vehicle modification, a walk ramp compatible bed extension, bolt-on bed extension kit, swing door compatible bed extension and a 1/2" thick bed extension. See individual models for applicable options.

Cart stops / cart retention systems

Put safety at the forefront of your fleet. Foot Activated Carts Stops and Cart Retention Systems ensure you have full control of your load when unloading from the vehicle.

Dock bumpers

WALTCO offers many additional options for various dock bumper requests. Available step options for our flipaway dock bumpers include steel steps (one or two) or a wire rope step. For enhanced safety, our lighting options include red/white lights, red/red lights. You can opt to have your dock bumper just prepped for lights or no lights at all. Rubber Bumper Pad Kits are available (C series only).

Dual pump motor