Keep your equipment performing at its best

ProCare maintenance contracts

Stay focused on doing what you do best

Well-planned preventive maintenance keeps your load-handling equipment running safely and efficiently by preventing problems from occurring in the first place. A ProCare service contract helps you deliver on your promises to your customers while we take care of all your equipment service and maintenance needs.

Why choose a Hiab ProCare maintenance contract?

Less unplanned downtime

Predictable, tailored maintenance planning based on real equipment data.

Lower total cost of ownership

High-quality service and and original spare parts help to reduce total cost of ownership and increase the resale value of equipment by up to 10%.

Reduced operating costs

Improved cost-predictability plus discounts on parts and labour compared to non-contract service.

Contract levels

ProCare Essential

All your preventive maintenance needs in one subscription-based contract, charged monthly. An Essential contract covers parts, equipment inspections, and preventive maintenance by Hiab authorised technicians. You also benefit from proactive recommendations on future maintenance needs and any safety issues identified during maintenance or inspection work.

ProCare Extended Warranty

Add up to three years to your equipment’s standard two-year warranty. If your equipment breaks down during the extended warranty period, authorised Hiab technicians will get it back up and running as quickly as possible. All extended warranty repairs are free of charge, including parts and labour.

ProCare Total R&M

A full service contract including all the benefits of Extended Warranty and Essential coverage as well as wear and tear parts replacement and all equipment repairs. ProCare Total R&M provides you with complete peace of mind and cost predictability. You focus fully on running your business and keeping your customers happy and we take full responsibility for ensuring that your equipment is always in perfect working order.

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