Safety is in your hands


Be prepared. Work safer with Hiab safety items for your equipment.

Nothing is more important than safety. Hiab products are packed with safety features that protect the operator and keep the equipment and load safe during operation – along with anyone nearby. But as the days get darker and the weather turns colder, staying safe gets more challenging.

The better you can see, and the better you are seen, the safer you are. So why not add some extra safety with more lamps, self-reflecting tape and decals?

Key ways to play it safe:

  • Check your equipment to ensure that all safety-related details work
  • Brighten your outlook during darker months – light up the area and stay visible to others!
  • Add extra lights and decals to your equipment if possible
  • Discuss with your Hiab representative for more ideas about boosting safety

Safety items for HIAB Loader Cranes


Safety items for MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts


Safety items for ZEPRO Tail Lifts

safety items for ZEPRO tail lifts