Hiab original hoses, when quality matters.



Hoses are critical parts of every hydraulic system. If a hose fails, everything comes to a grinding halt. Regular inspections and replacing hoses in time helps keep the workplace safe and all your machines up and running. 

At Hiab, we have spent over 75 years working hard to deliver the highest quality in everything we do. Each component in our products is carefully selected to secure the best quality and the highest safety level. Therefore, when maintaining Hiab equipment, it is important to use original spare parts to keep the same performance and safety level as you have invested in.

Five reasons why you perform better with Hiab original hoses
  • Optimal performance and speed in all weather conditions
  • Reduced risk for breakdowns and downtime
  • Very high wear and abrasion resistance 
  • High resistance to ozone, weather and salt water
  • Excellent bending radius

Visit our authorized service dealers to inspect your hoses and get guaranteed Hiab original hoses fitted by experts.