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Your business deserves the most care and support, it is important to dedicate your time to customers and their requests, not lose time handling the equipment or related issues. It is HIAB’s loader cranes commitment to improve every step of owning and using its loader cranes. Technology and innovation are among the most important factors that contribute to giving you that extra edge compared to what is on the market.

It's not the single product or feature which matters, it's the 360° approach we have in developing our solutions.

Do business where others can’t

stay ahead of your competition

Being able to work in metro areas during the night or early mornings requires using equipment that is in line with the utmost stringent pollution and emissions levels, other than respecting noise limitations.

HIAB’s offer is expanding into the next generation of electric powered units, this is a priority as we are able to anticipate regulations and demands from local authorities to meet higher standards in terms of emission and noise levels. Investing in research and technologies help our customers be ahead of the curve.

HIAB solutions already offer some interesting products fulfilling these needs like the CYCLONE tank, ePTO and eRoller Crane.

CYCLONE tank: doing good for the environment while saving

Investing in a CYCLONE tank is a direct way to save money, make an impact on the environment and get more out of your business. This advanced innovation brings a basic element as an oil tank into the future.

Reduce your operating costs

The efficient CYCLONE tank system runs on using less oil, and this means having to purchase less of it during the whole lifetime of the crane’s life.

Simple, yet more money for your business.

More payload available

The smaller space required for the CYCLONE tank, on par with the highest performance level delivered, gives both more space on board the truck, and the lower oil needed means more weight that can be used for payload.

Give your business only what really matters.


Work in silence, work at zero emissions

The ePTO is our Electric Power Take Off, an electro-hydraulic power pack for cranes. It sits alongside the traditional engine-driven system, enabling operators to work with the truck engine switched off, yet still do all the same jobs as usual. The ePTO delivers numerous advantages, both environmental and economic. For example, 60–70% lower energy consumption, 70% lower operating costs and 30% lower noise level.

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The electrified R-HiPro 112e

The R-HiPro 112e is an electrically Lithium Ion powered solution. Powering the unit of the crane base ensures a silent movement of the crane along the truck's bed, bringing the crane closer to where it is needed for the loading and lifting operations. The possibility to work within city noise levels, and emissions free certifies this product as an environmentally friendly product enabling business where traditional solutions would be instead cut out.

Operate efficiently

positively impacting your business operating costs

At HIAB we make a personal commitment to enhance and optimize the efficiency during all the cycles related to your activity. Technology innovations are essential in making work life easier and more efficient, and for that reason we are able to offer a wide range of loader cranes that match or exceed your daily work needs.

That's how we keep your business up and running at its best.


HIAB is aware that being able to train and educate drivers takes time, and many times companies can't retain them over time. That’s where technology comes in place. The possibility to manage the crane through the advanced control systems allow customers to manage their resources in the best way, whether the operator is highly experienced or a new employee that needs to be operative without losing too much time. Among the many systems available is the CTC, Crane Tip Control, that facilitates the most complex works.

CTC helps drive the load in the right directions, whereas the intelligence of the control system helps interpretate the lever movements and reduces the amount of actions on them, bringing the load where it is needed. The complex actions on the levers that can be made by the more expert drivers are instead assisted for those needing more support during this action.

Crane Tip Control [CTC]

Avoiding damage, avoids harmful costs

Being busy at worksites, in addition to trying to get things done fastly for your customers, often means making mistakes. HIAB’S loader cranes technology and the many smart solutions help reduce human driven errors and compensate for and avoid making damages.

For example the Rapid Lock System or the Semi Automatic Motion [SAM] systems are options available for the higher end models.

The most advanced way to work: Semi Automatic Motion [SAM]

With SAM, HIAB sets the highest level of the potential that intelligent automation systems can deliver in terms of safety, efficiency and speed supporting businesses in every moment.


Repetitive actions can be automated and made faster through the use of technology, while reducing the stress at operator level. The Semi Automatic Folding [SAF], option available for the HiDuo and HiPro controlled cranes, with the touch of a few levers from the remote control helps open and close the crane to its desired position at a faster pace than having to do all the operation manually, and while doing so, reducing the risk of damages or accidentally not doing it well.


HIAB is synonymous with “uptime” and it is our commitment to deliver products that will work longer and control systems made to protect them. The Load Stability System-Vertical [LSS-V] is a clear example of how reducing the stress to the structure of the crane keeps it working for a long time, and by reducing the risk of damages to the working site or the precious load, will reduce the negative impacts of a downtime.

An efficient and prompt Service network furthermore gives you the needed support in the moments things should require an intervention, getting you back to work in the fastest way possible.

Semi Automatic Folding [SAF]

Load Stability System [LSS-V]

The best way to keep an excellent worksite overview

The new optional high seat layout gives you the possibility to have an excellent overview of the working area, allowing the lifting operations to be done in full safety and keeping a tight control over the crane’s movements.

Available for selected light and medium range loader cranes.

Operations made intuitive

The joystick control commands allow the operators to handle the lifting operation with simple and intuitive movements of the hand, becoming precise and soft movements of the crane.
Available for selected light and medium range loader cranes


a true commitment to you, a true commitment to your business

Liability and personnel cost reductions

The implications of using safe equipment cover a wide spectrum of benefits, much more than what safety might even mean at a first glimpse.

Products that can be used by different skilled level of operators come in handy when managing resources that come and go, or when having to do a job that is being done under pressure of time.


Safety: SAF

Semi Automatic Folding [SAF] assists during the closing of the cane booms and extensions by the control system avoids an accidental hitting of crane’s parts against the truck.

Safety: CTC

The Crane Tip Control [CTC] assists the drivers by reducing the number of actions they have to make on the remote levers, increasing the safety of the load’s positioning, while assuring a more fluid and smooth movement.

Safety: OPS

The Operator Protection System [OPS] that allows to cut off an area where the crane will not move into so to let the operator work in complete safety.

Safety: BDA

The Boom Deployment Assistant [BDA] monitors the angle and position of the boom during folding/unfolding, preventing the operator from making any movement that might damage the crane.

A safety level for each customer demand

Behind the design of each of our crane models is the guiding principle of delivering a safe product, offering products fulfilling basic working needs all the way up to the most advanced products. 

The offer of different control systems allows each customer to access the safety functions they need for their business and market. From the top of the range HiPro units, to the very effective HiDuo and Duo variants complying to the CE regulations all the way to those more cost effective and simple to handle CLX and CL versions.

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How Hiab is there for you in an era of digitalization and data driven decisions

building your future, today

The latest technology in terms of connectivity capabilities are a thing of the present, and being able to handle, from remote your equipment, while accessing data is key to maximizing your business with facts instead of assumptions. Hiab group is developing and working with customers for generating the next generation of services revolving around the digital world. Find out what limitless possibilities await.

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