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Tail Lifts

A heavy duty cantilever lift with a lifting capacity of up to 2,500kg. Developed for assembly on trailer frames.
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A market-leading, heavy duty cantilever lift for stable and reliable operations in demanding conditions. It features a 1,000mm load centre, designed for maximized availability, and a unique, fast-opening solution that saves time for the operator.

The lift simplifies trailer installation and provides less impact on the vehicle, with benefits that include:
- A clamped bracket saves time and money.
- A narrow arm structure that fits between the chassis frame rails.
- An optional, pre-assembled control unit on an adjustable arm for quick installation.

As with the Z-series it offers:
- Steel platforms in a variety of dimensions and options.
- Optional, double-acting tilt and lift cylinders for reliable operation in all conditions.
- Longer life smooth pins that are faster and easier to install.
- For easy access and additional protection, the control card is simply placed in the frame.

The maximum lifting height is 1,500mm

Standard & Optional features

Model specifications

Lifting Capacity (Kg)
Platform Types
Platform Length Max. (mm)
Platform Width Max. (mm)
Lift Height Range (mm)
ZEPRO ZN 2500-130ZEPRO ZN 2500-150
Alu, SteelAlu, Steel
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