The ideal access model to the HIAB loader crane range of products.

Manually controlled with optional remote control.
For non CE markets.

18 Tm range capacity loader crane.
The HIAB X-CL 19 is the ideal ‘access’ model to the medium range segment of crane models.

CL control system versions are straight to the point, delivering a simple to operate, yet reliable working tool that single operators can easily handle.

This non CE marked model is ideal for those markets where reliability is key for carrying out everyday tough lifting jobs.

This basic, but solid crane is designed for a wide range of applications, from building and construction uses all the way to supporting municipalities everyday work.

The industry leading two years warranty coverage matched to the three years for steel parts assure a continuous working life of the crane. The special nDurance paint protection finish further contributes to making the crane look and last longer.

X-CL 19 B-2X-CL 19 B-3

X-CL 19 B-4
X-CL 19 B-3
X-CL 19 B-2
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