HIAB Hydraulic Hook


The Hiab Hydraulic hook is designed to pick up a pallet fork from the truck body. It is small, robust, and very easy to operate.
With this hook, the driver does not need to climb up and down the truck to attach and remove the pallet fork. The risk of injuries is lower and the work is more efficient. The operator can also use the Hydraulic hook together with regular lifting slings. The slings can be attached on the fixed hook on the side and on the moving part. When the load is lowered, it is easy to open the Hydraulic hook and release the sling.


• Improved, more efficient working environment
• Less risk of injuries
• Robust – lifting capacity of 4.5 tons
• Compact design
• Easy to use with all kinds of rotator
• Safety lock to prevent unintentional opening of hook during operation
• Quick and Safe - no need for operator to climb up and down the truck to attach or detach the pallet fork
• Improved, more efficient workflow


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