Meet our customer, Toughest and see how MOFFETT creates value for their business. 

Toughest is the world leading sport event withinobsticle course racing, running their events in several european countries and a rapidly growing business. A very interesting application, where MOFFETT is the solution provider, creating more efficiency for Toughest's business. This is the fifth video in a serie of customer cases, called MOFFETT at WORK where we put our customer in the spotlight and see how MOFFETT creates MORE business.

"We use the MOFFETT to deliver our obsticles exactely where required but also for construction, it is very cost efficient for us“ Nils Franzen, Owner & Director of Toughest

Learn more about MOFFETT M4 NX, M5

"The MOFFETT benefits us in many different ways. The races are always in tough terrain, hills, mud, water and it works great to operate in all these terrains" Theo Söderberg, Construction Manager Toughest

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