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A MOFFETT truck mounted forklift allows you to deliver all types of beverage products quickly and efficiently – without spilling a drop.

Your ability to thrive and grow depends on your ability to make delivering more with fewer resources – quickly and safely. Because it mounts at the rear of your truck, a MOFFETT doesn’t take up precious, profit-earning load space. It mounts and dismounts in under a minute. The driver can independently load and unload cargo without having to waste time waiting for assistance. And it’s amazingly manoeuvrable – negotiating busy city traffic and congested warehouse locations with ease.

For beverage distribution, during early-morning or late-night urban distribution when noise can be an issue, the MOFFETT E-series is the perfect solution. It’s the world’s first electric truck mounted forklift. It’s super quiet and because it’s powered by a lithium-ion battery, it emits zero exhaust fumes. Friendly on the ears and friendly on the environment.

Best models best used for this job: MOFFETT E-Series / M2 / M4

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