Sometimes even the strongest need help - Hiab supports world elephant day

9 july 2020 9:05 AM

Sometimes even the strongest need help. Together we can save the elephants from extinction.  

August 12 marks the annual World Elephant Day

The elephant means a lot to Hiab. Not merely an element of our logo, elephants embody many of our core values – reliability, strength, innovation and safety.  Hiab’s history as a pioneer of powerful innovation challenges us to develop products that can tackle any challenge, while remaining safe and easy to use. Elephants have a similar history. Throughout the millions of years they have walked on this earth, they have overcome every obstacle in their way, just as Hiab evolved with changing markets and new demands. Yet even the strongest sometimes need help. The elephants need our help, and they need it now. For the first time, they face an obstacle too big for them to overcome – man.

Escalated illegal poaching in Africa coupled with an ever diminishing territory in Asia, has driven down the elephant population to a fraction of what it once was. According to the WWF, the elephant population has gone from over 10 million in the early 1900s to just about 400,000 today. The elephants need our help, now more than ever – so please join us in helping them.

For every sold soft toy elephant in Hiab Club Shop between the 12th and the 31th of August 2017, Hiab will donate 5€ to WWF and their efforts to save the elephants. At the same time we have a campaign prize on the soft toy elephant, which now only costs 9,99€. Together we can help to save lives!

If you’d like to learn more about WWFs work, please visit