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9 july 2020 8:35 AM

CTC in brief

  • Making crane operation easier
  • From beginner to professional in no time
  • Lift more during the day
  • Take on more advanced jobs
  • More money in the pocket

It takes time to become a great loader crane operator. Years, at best, to fully benefit from the many advanced functions in a modern crane. Or at least, it used to.

Perhaps not any more. With Crane Tip Control, CTC, from HIAB, you can go from beginner to professional in no time at all. Maybe even challenge the world champion?

So what is CTC? It is a feature that helps you move the crane tip precisely the way you want. The computer will select the ideal path from one point to another, so that you can focus on your load instead of on your crane’s motion.

It may sound like fiction but it’s simply great science. We applied basic space geometry and converted it to horizontal and vertical crane tip movements.

You no longer have to maneuver each boom to coordinate your crane’s motion. The crane does it for you. All you need to do is to focus on moving your load from A to B.

Thanks to CTC, you can take on more advanced lifting tasks. You can free up time to carry out more lifts during the day. You don’t have to worry about damaging your goods or your crane.

Crane operators and owners can increase revenues and reduce costs. The more cranes in your fleet, the greater the financial gain. Because when you speed up every crane motion, it soon adds up to minutes, hours and days saved. And more money in the pocket.


Here’s how it works!

Crane Tip Control (CTC) is a software feature in HIAB’s HiPro control system that simplifies loader crane operation. Motions that used to require the simultaneous control of up to three crane operations can now be performed using only one lever.

As the name suggests, CTC gives the user improved control of the tip of the crane. Operators only need to focus on moving their load to a specific point in space, and CTC will calculate the optimum path to get there.

The feature is based on HIAB’s proprietary coordinate control technology, which converts operator lever control to horizontal and vertical target position coordinates.

We developed CTC based on customer requirements. Our customers wanted to be able to move the crane tip along a perfect vertical path without using a winch – a movement that used to demand extreme operator precision and skills. Now, with CTC, it is easy.

The operator can activate or deactivate CTC himself, simply by pressing a button on the hand controller. The crane instantly switches between CTC and normal crane mode, so you can always revert from any situation that cannot be performed using CTC.

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