New EFFER 955 crane for Bent Mortensen A / S in Denmark

Hiab stories | 7 july 2020 12:52 PM

The haulage company Bent Mortensen A / S from Aarhus, Denmark, has again trusted SAWO to construct a truck equipped with a heavy range crane. 

This time SAWO has mounted an EFFER 955 crane with 8 extensions, as well as 6 extra extensions in jib. In total, this gives a reach of 33.55 and a lifting capacity of 720 kg. The crane is mounted on a 4-axle Mercedes Arocs.

The attractive build-up is equipped with several features that the company specifically requested, such as hydraulically extendable rear control via remote control and pull-out rods in both front and rear ends with signal lights and rotor flashing.

The new truck will be part of the Aarhus Company's fleet of vehicles, which already has  several large crane trucks delivered by SAWO.