MULTILIFT and VOLVO: supporting Norway’s electric revolution

Hiab stories | 12 september 2022 11:12 AM

Norway is paving the way when it comes to electrification of transportation and machinery. With demands to make municipalities’ building and construction activities in the larger cities fossil-free by 2025, business owners and suppliers have little option than to look for electric alternatives.

The Norwegian transport and construction services provider Rivenes located in Bergen is one company embracing the electric revolution and making the transition to an electrified portfolio. They have recently invested in their first electric VOLVO FE 6x2 EL truck equipped with a MULTILIFT ULTIMA 21 SL hooklift, delivered by the Norwegian bodybuilder Knas AS. This truck has a range of 200 km that will be used for construction services locally and for shorter work in and around cities.

Rivenes already has a strong environmental focus with nine electric vans currently in their fleet and has invested in this electric truck combined with the MULTILIFT ULTIMA to meet the green future. It also gives them the advantage of becoming a preferred supplier both for waste handling and ordinary transport in the cities. 

The MULTILIFT’s power, speed and commitment to sustainable load handling solutions weighed a lot in Rivenes purchase decision, together with the recommendation by Knas AS who advised that the MULTILIFT ULTIMA is ready prepared for installation on an electric chassis, allowing for easy programming during installation.

Johnny Gabrielsen, Product Manager, Hiab Norway comments “With the Green Shift and the race to electrification in Norway we are experiencing an increase in demand in our electrically compatible portfolio. This is a prime example of how our eco portfolio load handling solutions are designed to support our customers' business future.”

Hiab are proud to cooperate with Rivenes and Knas AS and wish the team at Rivenes the best of luck with their new clean lifting solution, the MULTILIFT ULTIMA hooklift.

Further information about the MULTILIFT ULTIMA range can be found here